8 interesting easter basket & easter card ideas for all children

Easter holidays bring a lot of happiness and fun for everyone, especially for the children. On this day, they can show off their creativity and make some amazing Easter basket and cards. If you are thinking hard about some innovative ideas for making the baskets and cards, then you are in the right place. Here you will get some beautiful and unique decorating ideas for your basket and cards. You can make some really adorable and funny things with some easily available materials. There is various type of interesting projects that you can make for Easters. So, here are some ideas for you:

#1: Adorable Bunny Basket

Easter bunny can be very funny and interesting for your children. It is also quite easy to make a bunny basket for the Easter. You will need some tissue paper for it and comes colored paper for completing the project. Stick the tissue papers all around the basket. Then for the eyes, you will need some black colored paper or a white paper and color it black. Cut it into two equal sized circles. Then stick it to the front. For the years you will need to cut another paper into the shape of the years and stick it. Draw the teeth along with the whiskers to complete it.

#2: Polka Dots Easter Egg Cards

Easter eggs can be a great theme for the cards. Children love polka dots and it looks pretty as well. So, you need to fold the card and cut it in the shape of an egg. Once it is done, you have to color the entire card into the favorite color of your kid, except the front. You need to make some circle first with the pencil and then color the front not going into those circles. When it is done, the polka dots Easter egg cards are ready.

#3: Easter Egg & Chicks card

Another innovative and beautiful idea for the Easter card is a chick coming out of the Easter egg. This can be a colorful, pretty and unique idea. You can draw a simple broken Easter egg from where the chicken is coming out. On the other hand, you can also make a slide open and close top of the egg for revealing the chicken hidden inside. You have to draw the broken bottom of the egg along with the chicken popping up on the card. Then take another paper and cut it into the shape of broken top of the egg and color it exactly like the bottom one. Now pin it up at one side of the bottom egg so that the kids can slide it close or open it to reveal the chicken.

#4: Mickey Mouse Basket

For the kids who are in love with Disney and Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse, for them, this can be a great idea. Take a basket and color the bottom portion completely red and the upper brim and handle black. Let it dry for a few minutes. When it is dried, draw the white polka dots on the red area. Then cut a piece of black colored paper into two ears of Minnie Mouse and stick it on the handle. Also, stick a red bow in the middle to complete the work. For the Mickey Mouse, you have color two yellow dots or stick yellow paper on the red area, instead of the polka dots. Of course, rest is same except the bow.

#5: Easter Egg Basket

You can also make your basket look like one half of the Easter egg. For this, you will need an oval-shaped basket. Cover it with a colored paper of your choice first. Then cut different sizes of colored papers and stick it on the base to complete a design of your choice. Also, make sure to cover the handle with a bright colored paper to complete the entire look of the basket.

#6: Chicken Easter Basket

Another great idea for preparing the basket for Easter 2018 is making a chick. Just like the bunny one, it is quite easy to make. You will need some white tissues along with red and yellow colored papers. Cover the basket with white tissue paper completely along with the handle. Then, cut the red and yellow papers according to the requirement and complete the look. This is surely going to be super cute and pretty.

#7: Bunny Cards

One of the best ideas for Easter card is to make a bunny card. You can draw the bunnies and color it as usual on the card. But to make it slightly different from others. Cut a separate sheet into the shape of bunny ears and stick the end only on the head of the bunnies that you have drawn. Also, you can take a small ribbon and stick it along the neck of the bunny

#8: Cards with Cotton Wool Bunny

Another great idea for your cards is to make a beautiful white bunny with the help of cotton wool. This can be a unique and pretty interesting craft to do for the kids. For this, you will need a bundle of cotton wools and some black and pink colored paper for making the nose, whiskers, eyes, and paws. Once you have drawn the outline of the bunny, you have stick the cotton wools inside the bunny to give it a fluffy look. When done, finish it with the whiskers along with eyes. Do not forget the ears. You can also cut some green wools or papers to make the grasses and leaves.


So, these are some of the best ideas for you to make some beautiful Easter cards and baskets for your kids. Of course, Easter bunny, eggs, and chickens are the highlights. Everyone tries to make something related to this. But you need to stand out in order to get the appreciation and be unique. Thus, these are some of the innovative ideas to make baskets and cards for Easter. All these are easy to follow and do ideas where you do not require any expertise in art and craft.

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