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Family Game Ideas That Work

Keeping your toddler busy with fun and education activities is not as easy as it seems. Children normally pick up things very quickly, and it is always a good thing to keep their minds running and thinking creatively. In addition to mental stimulation for your precious little one, it would be nice for you and your baby to play around the compound while your toddler is happily busy.

Game ideas for parents and babies

High and low

Do you remember your first time on a swing? The rush of adrenaline, and the thrill of trying to touch the sky with your feet is always exciting. Toddlers love playing on swings. The speed and the rush of cool wind blowing on their face are enough to pique their senses. You can always plop them on a swing, and give them a push so they can enjoy a few minutes of imaginary flying.


Creative as they are, toddlers always come up with surprising results when left to play in a sandbox with a shovel and pail. They may create sand castles or pretend to play house by making mud cakes. Encourage the scientific genius in your child with some time apart to play with a shovel and pail. Toddlers can discover loads of new things in their world while digging dirt and getting dirty out in the garden.

Rolling wheels

Nothing can bring a bigger smile on your toddler’s face than a first brand new tricycle. Your toddler will surely feel a sense of accomplishment while riding her own tricycle. Furthermore, she will feel closer to the grownup world that she so badly wants to be a part of. Decorate the tricycle with bells, baskets, flags, and tassels to make it more attractive for your toddler.

Cool push rides

Everyone must have seen their toddlers on a sugar high. Push rides will push them to the edge of excitement. Buy your child a mini tractor, fire engine, crane, and other such toys that are cool and colorful. Mini versions of these heavy-duty vehicles are most adorable when toddlers are in charge and riding them. Since your toddler has to push to move forward, it is totally safe keeping them busy for a long time.

Cute playhouses

From a single unit to multiple units, there is an endless list of cute playhouses with amazing features. You do not have to run behind your child to be sure if he is safe. Instead, you can just allow him to enjoy the playhouse while you can sit and read a magazine or catch up on your work.

Inflatable outdoor playground

Watch your toddler bouncing around and crawling through the tunnels in an inflatable playground that you can install right in your backyard. These are perfectly safe and offer hours of fun for toddlers. You could also install an inflatable baby pool in your backyard to allow some swimming time for your toddler during the summer.

Make an instrument and form a Band

This is a fun one especially if you have other children in the house. To form a band uses two pot tops for cymbals or empty coffee tin with lid, a pan or pot, and a spoon. You can be a marching band and march all around the house. This may get a little noisy so judge the time that you play this game wisely. With these activities for toddlers, you can have so much fun together as a family.

Indoor Camping

We all know this one. It was so much fun growing up and making a tent out of blankets and chairs. However now, you can buy those indoor pop tents for the kids that fit right in your living room. These are nice! The old-fashioned way all you’ll need is a couple of chairs and a blanket. My toddler will play for hours like this. Make a “pretend campfire”. Shut off the televisions. Fun activities for toddlers can take place in their imaginations. Allow them to come up with great ideas on their own. Buy a sound machine or an outdoor sounds CD to make it more realistic!!! The great part moms and dads are there are no mosquitoes or bugs. YEAH!! So bring out the sleeping bags and have FUN!

Hide and Seek

Any size of a house is great to play this fun game. Each youngster adores a session hiding and seeking. Particularly little children!!! Sofas and storage rooms make the best concealing spots. Regardless of whether you have a major house or little house this amusement can be played all over the place.

Giant Building Blocks

Building blocks can keep your toddler busy for a bit of a while. You could start by teaching your child how to attach and stack these blocks for starters. As your child gets the hang of it after a while, you can incorporate different objects to stack these blocks into. Perhaps shapes of objects may include houses and triangles.

Beginning Musical Instruments

It is never too early to instill an appreciation for music in your children. Music is one of the greatest gifts that you could introduce your baby to, and often times many mothers decide to start this while the child is yet safely in the womb.

Although it may not be ideal to allow your toddler to play with a full-sized musical instrument, play instruments specially made for children will do well enough. Miniature keyboards and ukuleles may very well lead into a desire later on in your child’s life to learn the piano and guitar. Since children learn from imitation, you may want to show them a very easy tune to peck at such as Mary Had a Little Lamb or even Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star.

These are just a few ideas on educational and entertaining activity ideas that you can incorporate into your list of possible things you could fill the day of your toddler with. Children are indeed a precious blessing, and the activities listed above will indeed keep them happy and constructively occupied. You should learn some of these game ideas for you. Do not hesitate. Know all today for you.

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